About Us

We are a company that for many years engaged in the production, processing and printing of a variety of paper, cardboard and laminated (laminated), packaging and related products, as well as other products to order based paper raw materials. From paper program:


  • Paper with foil (laminated paper)
  • Paper and laminated bags
  • Paper bags and laminirae
  • Boxes for pizzas, cakes and other purposes
  • The rolls for thermal printers (cash registers, ATMs, vending machines …)
  • Packaging for money
  • Decorative paper, bags and boxes as well as various other products made to order


In addition to paper program, produce and BBQ and briquetted coal in retail packs from 2.5 to 18kg.
Our plant has about 20 production and the production of additional machines, as well as a collection of machines and manpower for technical and technological support, modeling and innovation. Our motto is to always go first in a new product, mode of production and quality management, in order to satisfy our customers and won the leading position in the market. As you can tell, our product range is not only focused on one product, but a set of related products, so that with us, in one place, you get a full range of various packaging products intended for mills, bakeries, butcher shops, fast-food stores, supermarkets , banks and many other customers, depending on the packaging. Therefore, the purchase in one place saves time and money.


All our products are, prior to production, and concerns about quality during the production, design and graphic resolve to achieve the essential visual impact to the customer and thereby improve the competitiveness of products sold and packaged in our packaging. As seen from the above, the entire team of experts is in charge and responsible for the whole technological process design, analysis, preparation and production of each product, ensuring the success and long-term cooperation.


The production plant and the seat of the company is located in Kojčinovcu, within ZZ Kojčinovac, 76300 Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.