BBQ charcoal

Barbecue charcoal from our production is high quality and has a variety of granulation depending on the purpose, packages or special wishes of the customer. Production of barbecue charcoal is made from high quality beech wood which provides extremely high quality and calorific power. As proof of quality, successfully exporting our charcoal on the demanding European market.


The offer includes ready-made packages for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina:
– 2,5kg
– 6kg
– 12kg
– 18kg


All packages have different granulation which grows with the size of the package so for example the smallest packages are best suited for small grills, while the largest packaging suitable for pans due to larger grit.


Also interesting product from our production is coal dust, which has a broad purpose, that here you can get at a good price.


For the EU market we export our BBQ charcoal in bags of 12kg called charcoal. This coal is characterized by high quality, with the optimum size pieces of coal which have been removed all the tiny pieces, dust, but also big enough and charred pieces of barbecue coal. Coal is sold in three-ply paper bags, of which two layers of paper, and the third layer is a polyethylene film. This type of packaging prevents the passage of moisture and provides sufficient hermetic packaged product.