Paper products

Paper program of our company includes the following products and all can be printed up to 3 or 4 colors:


– Paper with foil or a popular butcher paper presents paper laminated (coated) PE foil which makes it impermeable to water, fat and volatile aromatic compounds prosutna food. PE film also provides hygienically safe contact with food. For more information, click here.


– Paper bags from our production can be different sizes, shapes and qualities. They can be laminated, with a window, slotted to wear and the like.


– Paper bags are produced in different dimensions, can be single layered, double layered. As an interesting product we recommend lamnirane bags with PE foil which find application in packaging products which is necessary to prevent the evaporation of water and other volatile components (concentrates for animal feed, additives, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables, etc.). For more information, click here.


– Decorative paper is paper printed with decorative designs. Usually it is packed in small rolls of 2-5 kg ​​or longitudinally at 100m. For more information, click here.


– Cardboard boxes. We offer a complete range of boxes for pizza, as well as a box of cookies, cakes and the like. In addition to these product box and any other boxes for various purposes such as boxes of pottery, parts, appliances and the like. For more information, click here.


– Thermal rolls. We produce all kinds of thermal rolls or popularnje called tape for the fiscal cash registers. They are available in all to standard widths and lengths and dimensions of your choice. For more information, click here.