Paper sacks

The sacks are made of high quality kraft paper, brown or white with 2 or more layers of paper of which one layer can be laminated so as to provide special conditions for products that require constant moisture content or simply greater strength bags to cracking. They are used for packing flour, sugar, cement, lime, coal, dried and frozen fruits and vegetables as well as for various other granular and powdery substance.

There are three types of bags, including:


1. Ordinary sacks
2. Valve sacks
3. Decorative sacks (for boutiques and the like.)


The sacks are available in the following standard weight low:

– 2 kg
– 3 kg
– 5 kg
– 10 kg
– 25 kg
– 50 kg


In addition to the above mentioned, we are working and all sizes of bags to order. The bags can be printed with the logo or design according to customer, in 3 different colors, and can be with or without handles for carrying.